Glam rock fashion rose to fame in the UK from the influence of ‘60’s progenitors like Led Zeppelin and early 80’s T.Rex and Slade.During the ‘70’s, David Bowie started incorporating eccentricity into his wardrobe and wore glittery makeup for his performances. His Ziggy Stardust persona gave birth to glitter rock and androgyny - making futuristic makeup and shiny clothes a trend. Glittery boots, striped patterns, and eccentric clothes also became a trend through music makers like the New York Dolls, Sweet and my personal favourite, Motley Crue. My testimony to this amazing era are these wicked “BOWIE” earrings. Handcrafted glitter palettes, made from resin and acrylic, and hypoallergenic stainless steel posts and backs. 

“BOWIE” 2.0