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Our Story

From post natal depression to the birth of Acid and Ivy- one woman’s wellness solution.

in 2016, after the birth of my first daughter, my life, like so many new mothers, went irrevocably downhill. What was supposed to be the happiest time of my life, was terrifying. I thought I was prepared for this little bundle of pure joy, but as the sleepness nights never seemed to end, I found myself at the lowest of lows. 
At my 6 week Mum and baby checkup, my Doctor asked how I was going. “Fine” I said. My husband, mother and student midwife, who were all present, encouraged me to tell the truth. Little did I know, I was brought into an informal intervention! 
My wonderful doctor suggested I find an outlet whilst I had my Mum visiting and my husband home on leave. I had dabbled in jewellery making before and thought it might be a good opportunity to have another go at it. It was a great stress relief and I valued the break from my newborn. At night, if Bub was fussing, I’d tend to her and then make jewellery as a wind-down. 
Soon enough I was creating items that I hoped would be worth selling. On weekends that husband was home, I’d attend markets and try to sell my wares. It was a great opportunity to leave the confines of home and meet all kinds of people. The jewellery started selling well. Their uniqueness, boldness and sparkle were well received, and after about 18 months I felt like my PND symptoms were abating. 
4 years on, another baby girl later and after a hiatus of about 13 months I have returned to doing what I love. Not to fight PND, but simply because I absolutely love creating earrings & because everyone deserves a bit of sparkle in their lives. Motherhood hit me a curve ball but I feel like a scored a home run creating Acid and Ivy, whilst staying at home with my little girls. 

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